Bee Play: Ready for anyone


Welcome to Bee Play, a blockchain-based platform jointly powered by anyone who wants to have fun with friends or their fans in a unique Play to Earn model.

Bee Play lets you create memorable moments or allow you to use your fan power to the full.

The platform is built mainly for fun, and to boost Beeco’s user engagement.

Bringing Bee Play to the blockchain will enable control, ownership, and new ways to

enjoy by rewarding users transparently.

At Bee Play, anyone can create a game and invite their friends, family, or their fans to play together. The creator can charge a fee for creating the game or not, the creator can also fund the game with their own money or not. It all depends on users, not Bee Play.

As a first in the world, we’re bringing Play to Earn to anyone. Literally, anyone can create a game or join a game. Play. Like it? Back it. Push it!

Bee Play leverages the BNB Chain, enabling advanced blockchain and DeFi features.

Wanna join?

  1. Create an account here. Simply enter your email and the registration code come to your inbox in 10 seconds.
  2. Click on the “Bee Play” tab. You’ll see the best viral game on the dashboard. You can choose any game you like.
  1. You should read the rule and notice the starting time and ending time of the game carefully before confirming to join the game.
  1. After the ending time, the creator has to claim the game and you will receive an email to announce whether you’re the winner or not. Or you can check on Bee Gifts platforms, check in Bee Play tab.
  1. If you’re the winner, you can claim the reward and sell it on P2P, redeem it into your balance or send it to your friends. You can read more details on how to turn your gift cards into cash here.

You can see more details on our Youtube:



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