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Bee Gifts

Top up

Firstly, you need to top up your balance with USD to use Beeco’s service.

  1. Click on “My Wallet” on the menu, the dashboard shows that you can swap your USDT or BUSD to USD or you can top up with Binance Pay.
  1. You can buy gift card or NFT on our P2P platform with bank transfer or crypto. Redeem the value back to your wallet balance.

On the tab “Bee Gifts”, click on “My Gift Cards” or “My NFT”. Then click on the card you want to redeem.

Create, Send and Receive Cards

To create a Bee Gift Card, switch to the “My Gift Card” section, then select “Create now”. You can choose the amount of money, and write a message on your card.

  • You can choose to send it to anyone or just keep it. You can use it any time you like.
  • To send the card, click “Send to a friend”, and a form will pop up. Fill out the form with the receiver’s information.
  • If someone sends you a Bee Gift Card, you’ll be notified by email, and you can see it on the “My Gift Card” tab.

Convert E-vouchers

  • Buy things easily and get cashback immediately (i.e. Adidas, Nike).
  • You can get cashback of what you buy up to 9% if you’re a free customer, and up to 35% if you’re a BCG holder. 
  • Press the “Convert Now” button and choose the desired brand.

Earn up to 23.8% APY

Beeco has built a sustainable business with real profit for the past 5 years. That’s why we can share our profit with loyal users.

  1. Visit https://token.beeco.io/my-wallet/staking
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Visit the tab “Staking plan”
  4. Your staking program will show how much you stake, when you can claim your BGC, how much profit you receive.


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