Internal Wallet Feature Released, an All-In-One Web3 Operating System for Beeco


The internal wallet allows for seamless use of Beeco applications – giving crypto and traditional users a superior experience.

We realized that Web3 browser extensions were weighed down by cumbersome, security and fragmented experiences across applications, becoming more of an obstacle to Web3 adoption rather than a warm invitation.

The internal wallet eliminates these pain points and lowers the barrier for non-crypto users to use Beeco applications as a new wallet is created right after a user signs up.

What is Beeco’s internal wallet?

The wallet is an all-in-one operating feature, bringing together Bee Gifts and Bee Mall in one. As of its release today, the wallet is the easiest way to access the full power of Beeco. 

Above all, we designed the wallet to be simple, secure, practical, and convenient. We try to minimize the number of clicks needed to complete an action. Displays are intuitive for experienced crypto users and new users alike. 

The wallet offers 3 primary functions – with more to come in future releases.

  • Swap — swap USDT, BUSD to USD directly
  • Send and Receive tokens on BEP20

This feature not only unlocks a new level of performance for web3 users, but also welcomes new users from web2, who can now start to experience web3 safely and seamlessly. 

For quick tutorials, you can see the video here. For any additional questions, please visit our private group on Tele.



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