What is Bee Gifts and how to use?


What is Bee Gifts?

Bee Gift Card 

  • Buy and shop for many branded products at a better price.
  • Create customizable gift cards to give someone special in NFT, let he/she buy whatever or change into fiat. 
  • Trade NFT cards on our marketplace.


  • Just like traditional e-vouchers, but when you buy them on our platform, you get a better discount rate.

Bee Gift Cards and traditional gift cards, e-vouchers

Bee Gift CardsTraditional gift card
– Higher security as Bee Gift Card code is encrypted. No one can hack the card code.
– High transparency as all transaction history is stored on Celo and can’t be changed by anyone even the Beeco team.
– High creative and better message delivery as users can upload images or gifs.
– P2P platform allows users to buy and sell other users gift cards easily.
– Physical cards are easy to get lost.
– Traditional e-vouchers and gift card codes are often hacked.
– If users do not use the card, they have to sell it in social groups. There is no marketplace for that.
– The card content is very much the same. Users just have several choices for that.

How it works

Connect wallet
You need to connect your wallet to top-up balance and use Beeco services.

Top up

There are 2 ways to top up: 

  • Top up the balance with stablecoins (BUSD, USDT). 
  • Receive Bee Gift Cards from others and you can redeem it into fiat.

All transaction history will be stored on the Celo blockchain.

Create, send and receive Bee Gift Card

  • To create a Bee Gift Card, switch to the “My Gift Card” section, then select “Create now.”. Users can choose the amount of money, and write a message on their card.
  • You can choose to send it to anyone or just keep it. You can use it any time you like.
  • To send the card, click “Send to a friend”, and a form will pop up. Fill out the form with the receiver’s information.
  • If someone sends you a Bee Gift Card, you’ll be notified by email, and you can see it on the “My Gift Card” tab.

Upgrade your subscription for better deals

Upgrade your membership by holding the BGC token in the Beeco ecosystem and enjoy many preferential benefits:

  • At the entry-level (GEM), everyone can enjoy a discount of up to 5% with each e-voucher conversion. However, suppose the users hold a particular number of BGC tokens. In that case, they will upgrade their membership level to increase the discount rate.
  • 5,000 BGC tokens will be equivalent to a max 7% discount, reaching the Ruby level.
  • At the Diamond level, 10,000 BGC tokens will be equal to a maximum 14% discount.


  • Buy things with cryptocurrencies easily (i.e. Adidas, Nike).
  • You can have a discount of up to 5% if they’re traditional customers; and up to 14% if you’re a BCG holder. 
  • Press the “Convert Now” button and choose the desired brand.

Try Bee Gift Now at: https://gifts.beeco.io/



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