Bee Token (BGC) Listing on BitMart Launchpad


BitMart will launch Bee Token (BGC) 24h Flash Sale on June 2, 2022, you can only participate in the event and acquire tickets to win the lot through BitMart Launchpad.

  • Hard Cap Per User: 1 Tickets Per User
  • Amount Per Ticket : 1 Ticket = 6,666 BGC = 99.99 USD
  • Sale Price: 0.015 USD
  • Requirement: Users who complete KYC by June 1, 2022.
  • Subscription Currency: USDT

You can find out more on:

Bee Token is the original token of the Beeco ecosystem. We are now in the first stage of building a decentralized e-commerce ecosystem where users can buy anything without the limitation of geography and currencies. They can use tokens to get a big discount, create e-voucher gifts and pay for other Beeco’s services or stake tokens and save money while holding tokens with the leverage of blockchain.

Before building Beeco, we’ve built a traditional e-voucher business for about 5 years. Now, it is quite successful and well-known in the UK with more than £1 million in revenue/month. We deeply understand our customers and their pain points that are hard to solve without the technology. The more we know about blockchain, we sure that blockchain can solve traditional e-voucher limitations in the near future.



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